Practice areas

Banking and Finance Law

KERE-USENDU & CO. as a modern integrated service Law Firm renders legal services to banks and bank holding companies, trust and other financial institutions, lenders, borrowers, and private equity investors in the financing transactions in a full range of regulatory compliance, investment management, capital market and securities, financial services litigation, corporate debt services, financial service consumer protection, anti-money laundering, project finance, asset finance, real estate finance, risk management and securities-related transactions. .

International Trade, Business and Transactional Law

KERE-USENDU & CO. as a modern integrated service Law Firm renders well refined legal services to business start-ups and already established business organizations according to their needs. Our services cover all aspect of business and transactional services including Company Incorporation, Business Set-Up, Foreign Participation, Foreign Direct Investment, Regulatory Compliance and Investigation, Mergers, Acquisitions, Joint Ventures, Sales of Assets and Companies, Business Permits and Licenses, Business Dispute Resolution, Company Secretarial Services and Advisory, Commercial Contracts, Shareholders Agreements, Confidentiality Agreement preparation and Review, Insolvency and Debt Recovery, Negotiation and risk management. Being an integrated law firm, we give representation and advice necessary to set-up, acquire, expand, or restructure businesses.

Sport, Media & Entertainment Law

With a combination of professionals who double as entertainment lover and ardent specialist in intellectual property, negotiation, corporate and litigation practices, our firm is firmly positioned to give efficient representation to our clients in the media and entertainment industry in a manner that ensures that their interest are well protected. This include offering Legal and Regulatory advisory services, sports contract negotiation and preparation, copyright, patent, trademark and design registration, performing artists contracts and production contracts preparations and reviews, endorsement and sponsorship negotiations and dispute resolution.

Employment & Industrial Law

Our firm offers legal services to clients on broad range of employment related matters in a manner that simplifies the complexities common to the employment industry due to the strict regulation by states and the federal governments. Some of the many legal frameworks includes the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 (as amended), The Labour Act, Cap L1, LFN 2004, Employees’ Compensation Act 2010, Factories Act, Cap F1, LFN 2004, National Health Insurance Scheme Act, Cap N42, LFN 2004, Trade Disputes Act, Cap T8, LFN 2004, Trade Unions Act, Cap T14, LFN 2004 as amended by the Trade Unions (amendment) Act 2005, National Housing Funds Act, Cap N45, LFN 2004 and International Treaties and Protocols relating to Labour, Employment, Workplace, Industrial Relations among others. Some of our services to our clients (government agencies, individuals and private organizations) include but not limited to:

• Comprehensive Legal and Regulatory advisory services to ensure that our clients are in compliance with the law.

• Preparation of Contract of employments, condition of service, non-disclosure agreements, proactive labor and employment practices and policies.

• Representing employers before administrative and regulatory agencies.

• Legal representation of employees before disciplinary committees, Courts and committees of inquiry in order to protect their rights and the negotiation of employees’ benefits.

Real Estate and Construction Law

KERE-USENDU & CO. with its robust practice experience in the Real Estate and Construction industry represents all kinds of key players in the sector in the negotiation, drafting of contract agreements and dispute resolution as well as property management some of which includes landlords and tenants, developers, contractors, subcontractors, builders, agents, buyers and sellers, in both transactional and litigated real estate law matters. Some of our services include but not limited to:

• Legal and Regulatory advisory services to ensure that our clients’ transactions are in compliance with the extant legal framework like the Nigerian National Building Code, Standard Form of Building Contract in Nigeria and the regulatory agencies such as National Council on Housing and Urban Development, National Environment Management Authority (NEMA), Quantity Surveyors Registration Board of Nigeria (QSRBN) among other regulatory frameworks and agencies at the federal and State levels.

•Legal due diligence of real estate assets belonging to firms and holdings and registration of title to land buildings.

• Comprehensive legal advisory and representation in real estates related matters such as all types of acquisition, financing, development, construction, leases, land use approvals, turnkey contracts, and land development projects.

• Real estate, engineering, and construction dispute resolution through economical and resourceful advisory and solutions based on our knowledge of the law and experience to avoid dispute, but where the dispute is inevitable, we explore all necessary dispute resolution options like ADR, ODR, and Litigation to protect our clients’ interests.

Energy, Natural Resources & Environmental Law

KERE-USENDU & CO. is a leading force in the delivery of reliable legal solutions, the consummation of deals and adding value to our clients in the power, oil and gas, mining and environmental sectors through our experienced and well-grounded practitioners. We help our clients in the negotiation of production sharing contracts (PSCs), public-private partnership, processing applications for leases and licenses, advisory services in project financing and development in these sectors of the economy as well as keeping them updated on environmental related issues especially that which relates to industrial and maritime pollution to ensuring that their activities are in tandem with the legal, policy and regulatory frameworks.

Our lawyers through their deep rooted experience work round the clock to ensure that client’ needs are satisfied through transactional and litigation representation in areas such as climate change, environmental impact assessment, compensation, due diligence, risk management, preparation of commercial contracts, joint venture agreements, partnership agreements, shareholders agreements, mining agreement, lease agreement, takeover, acquisition, permitting, regulatory compliance, and to investigation, remediation and clean-up of contaminated or polluted sites, negotiating settlements with regulatory agencies and all matters arising from oil and gas, mining, power, taxation and tax planning, green standards and sustainability issues, environmental regulatory compliance and dispute resolution.

International Humanitarian, Human Rights and Refugee Law

KERE-USENDU & CO. is the leading Nigerian law firm rendering a wide range of legal services to stakeholders and key players in the human rights law, humanitarian law and refugee law due to its mastery in this sector. Our team is made up of professionals who are passionate, knowledgeable, eloquent, resilient and persuasive in tackling human rights violations around the world with the primary focus in restoring and protecting the dignity of the people. Through our knowledge, understanding and mastery of human rights defense and the provisions of the Conventions, Protocols and other the legal regime both at the international, regional and state level, we are fully equipped to render the following services among others:

• Advisory and Consultancy services to agencies of government and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) who are committed to maintaining international peace and security, national peace and development, promoting social progress, better living standards and the protection of the human rights of vulnerable populations, marginalised groups, women, children, indigenous peoples, refugees and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs).

• Legislative drafting and review of the legal framework for the promotion of International Humanitarian, Human Rights, and Refugee Law standards.

• Training of agencies humanitarian workers on the core principles of International Humanitarian, Human Rights and Refugee Law such as the principle of distinction, the principle of proportionality, the principle of necessity, the principle of humanity, refugee status determination, Exclusion & Cessation Clauses, Non-Refoulement, asylum procedures, etc.

• Incorporation and legal advisory services on regulatory compliance and due diligence.

• International humanitarian, Human Rights and Refugee Law litigation and dispute resolution.